Recruiting great employees is a priority for any business. But if you’re not working just as hard to grow your talent, you could be losing valued individuals.

According to a recent Mercer survey, 78% of employees reported that they would stay with their current employer if they were made aware of their career and advancement opportunities, but more than half (51%) of employees reported they receive “no input” or “input only once in a while” on how to improve performance.

Here are some communication tips to make sure you’re helping employees reach their full potential:

  • Share context around the big picture: Make sure each employee understands how his/her role specifically affects the success of the team and of the company overall.
  • Do some legwork: Get a feel for each individual’s skills, interests and professional goals so you can match him/her with appropriate training and development activities.
  • Have a roadmap: Work with each employee on a development plan — discussing goals, realistic timeframes, potential obstacles and knowledge/skills needed to achieve results.
  • Make time to connect: Have periodic discussions (for example, quarterly or semi-annually) to review progress, discuss challenges and identify realistic career options.
  • Promote learning opportunities: Make employees aware of internal and external training and resources to help them grow and advance.
  • Follow up: Loop back with employees after a learning activity to help them apply new knowledge and skills to their daily tasks.

Even the best and brightest need support and encouragement to grow. By promoting professional growth and development, you’ll position employees to be successful and keep pace with the needs of your business.

Just as importantly, you’ll build an engaged and loyal workforce that can help drive your company’s continued success.