The New Inbox: Employee Communication Tips for Going Mobile


From shopping and getting the day’s news to staying in touch with family and friends, mobile technology has transformed our lives – at home and at work. More and more, employees are using mobile technology to connect with one another and access company data and resources on the go.

Whether your company is already making use of mobile technology, or has yet to take advantage of this resource to connect with your employees, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Extend your reach. Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, which means using mobile technology can improve your chances of reaching those employees who may not have daily access to a computer or email at work.

Less is more. Keep in mind that users will be reading information on a smaller screen; so succinct messaging is a must. Before sending a message, always test it yourself on a mobile device to see how text and images will display for the user.

Utilize acknowledgment options. Mobile technology has made it easy to add message acknowledgment buttons, which are useful for making sure critical content, such as compliance or policy communications, has been received.

Allow social collaboration. A number of mobile apps allow companies to connect people, content and business data. This collaboration encourages networking, knowledge sharing and skill building.

Measure results. As with any form of communication, make sure to measure the results of your mobile communications to evaluate the user experience. Several apps enable you to identify which segments of your population are reading and responding to your messages.

Mobile technology is here to stay, and it’s an important element in a robust communication strategy. Need help putting it to work for you? Give us a call. We can help!