Raising Your CEO’s Public Profile


You don’t need to be extremely extroverted to be a successful CEO — just ask Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg or Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. But a CEO with a poor public profile could be hurting not only his or her reputation, but your company’s as well. According to a joint study by Weber-Shandwick and KRC Research, 81% of executives report that it’s important for CEOs to have a visible public profile for a company to be highly regarded, and that a CEO with a strong reputation is vital to attracting (77%) and retaining (70%) employees.

Here are some tips for helping your reticent CEO step into the spotlight and showcase your company’s brand:

  • Keep it organic: Your CEO isn’t going to be the next Richard Branson or Mark Cuban, so focus on activities that are best suited to his or her communications style. For example, if Twitter’s quick, unscripted format isn’t to your CEO’s taste, don’t include that platform into your communications strategy.
  • Go social: Give your CEO a column or blog on your company’s website and set up public profiles on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook for sharing information and commentary.
  • Share knowledge: Look for opportunities for your CEO to share his or her expertise by writing for industry journals and broader business publications and offerings.
  • Do the circuit: Have your CEO participate on a panel at an industry or trade conference. It’s a good way to highlight his or her knowledge and experience and boost visibility among industry professionals, without the stress of being a featured speaker.
  • Connect with execs: Serving on boards is a smart avenue to gain visibility with other leaders by sharing advice and expertise.
  • Be media-friendly: Find avenues for your CEO to share insights with the press about latest industry trends or forecasts.

In this media-rich world, your CEO is the face of your company for customers, employees, investors and the general public. By taking a strategic approach to elevating your CEO’s public profile, you’ll generate positive press for him or her and strengthen your company’s brand as an industry leader and a sought after employer.

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