Making Millennials Better Health Care Consumers


While health care consumerism isn’t a new concept, putting that concept into practice is still a challenge, particularly for millennials. A recent national survey, conducted by Harris Poll for health care concierge company Accolade, indicates that just 56% of workers age 30 and under are comfortable navigating health care issues. Want to boost the health care savvy of your millennial employees? Try the following tips: 

  • Tailor content to life stages: Tailor messaging to offer life stage-appropriate guidance and advice for health care decisions.
  • Go mobile: Provide information in a mobile-friendly format to offer anytime, anyplace access to health care information, services and transactions.
  • Make it visual: About 81% of U.S. millennials use YouTube. Consider short videos to make information on health care subjects quick to digest and easy to understand.
  • Promote networking: More than any other generation, millennials like to collaborate and share personal information. Consider providing online tools that allow employees to exchange health care consumer tips and information.
  • Highlight online tools: Market customer service centers, health care concierge services and online consumer tools to offer 24/7 personalized support.
  • Be transparent: Help employees connect the dots on how their personal health care decisions affect the company’s costs and, ultimately, what employees will pay for premiums and cost-sharing.

Better Choices, Better Health

By becoming more informed health care consumers, your growing millennial workforce will better manage their care and out-of-pocket costs. Just as important, your business will benefit from reduced plan expenses, lower absenteeism and disability, and increased employee productivity, morale and retention.