Hill, Barolet & Associates LLC was started by Sara Hill and Jean Barolet in June 2003. We founded the company based on our belief that communicating to employees is a unique and critical specialty. So we brought together a group of professionals with proven strategic, creative and practical expertise who share our vision and passion.

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How we can help.

We’ll take any topic — health care reform, mergers/acquisitions, long-term incentives, organizational change or whatever your need — explain it in everyday language, and apply eye-catching design.

Strategy development.
Smart, practical and comprehensive communication plans that target your goals and objectives.

Writing, programming and design.
Print, video, electronic, websites or social media that will connect with your employees and motivate them to act.

Flawless execution.
We collaborate with your project team to ensure that all project deliverables are developed, approved and distributed on time.

Interviews, focus groups, surveys, polls and audits that help you plan ahead, track progress and assess results.

What makes us unique.

We’re a small team who thinks big!

We’re experienced.
We draw upon a team of strategists, creatives and employee communication experts with the know-how to deliver spot-on solutions.

We keep it fresh.
We create communications that capture your organization’s voice, spirit and culture.

We partner with you.
We listen to your needs and bring you into the heart of our creative process.

We watch your pennies.
We work efficiently and respect your budget.

We love what we do.
And we hope you will too!

And did we mention that we have a presence all over the country?

That means we’re not limited by geography, either in finding great talent or in working with our clients.